About Handwriting Fonts

Handwritten fonts are a unique art form, usually created by artists or designers, ranging from beautiful calligraphic works to creative and individual designs. The characteristic of handwritten fonts is the personalized interpretation of fonts, which is full of individuality and creativity, and has inimitable randomness and unique visual advantages. These fonts look like writing with a pen or hand at first glance. Free-form handwritten fonts can be combined with slogans, posters, packaging cards, etc., to achieve excellent results; standard fonts are often used in certificates, official documents, and texts. Because of the low legibility of handwriting, applying them in long texts or running texts would be a great difficulty for the reader. Instead, this type of design is common in various branding or identity projects. Whether you are an artist or a graphic designer, choosing the proper handwriting fonts will give your work and creations an authentic, personal feel.


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